Monday, August 27, 2007

Are We Done Yet?

I am busy this week getting everything together to start school next week. Yesterday I decided to fill his folders for the first week. I will have a folder for each day of the week. I will fill them the week before. The night before each school day I will move the worksheets to his seat work folder. I am not a work from the workbook kinda girl. Too many other pages to distract me. Anyway, trying to do all of my prep work has been difficult today. When the kids go to school you get to this week and it cannot go quick enough. The kids are ready and your head is screaming "Isn't summer over yet?" It has been one of those days. I am a little discouraged thinking if I already feel this way how am I going to survive? I know once we are busy with school work there is less opportunity for the children to be into things. I also know this is one day and tomorrow is a new day. Okay, I have vented now I feel better!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kind of Boy and Kind of Girl

Today is Sarah's 6th birthday. We took a trip to Toy R Us to spend birthday money. This was her first trip there. Imagine the utter amazement! This may have been her first time in a real toy store. It was a lot of fun. As she was trying to decide what to buy she was torn between a cap gun to play secret agents with her brothers or a princess diary with a lock. I tried to encourage her to pursue the more girlie choice. I reminded her she was a girl and needed to behave that way. Her response after pondering this for some time was, "Well, I am kind of boy and kind of girl. Can't I just have both?"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reading List

I will posting my reading list in the side bar. You will find a variety of titles. I will be rereading a lot of literature with my third grader which will be fun. I am trying to read everything I can find right now on keeping the hearts of your children. Any suggestions? I am starting Family Driven Faith and next I will read The Closing of the American Heart. I'll let you know what I think.