Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two Down, One to Go

I do not have a lot of time, but wanted to tell you everything is going well. Physicals are done. They were good if you don't count that I promised no shots only to find out the are new vaccines and all of the children had to get it. I would also like to ignore that Zachary told the doctor, "I would not touch right there if I were you because I never wash my armpits." That child is turning his father gray already! And yes, I do wash his armpits! The interview yesterday went really well and after spending so much time with her, I feel better about the home study tomorrow. Thanks again for remembering us this week.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's All Happening at Once

This is the week it all comes down. Today all 6 of us have physicals. Of course, they are at different offices so it just means running all day. Wednesday is the 3 to 4 hour individual interview for Bruce and me. Friday is the dreaded home study. When this is all over and we can laugh about it, remind me to tell you Zachary's responses to our prepping him for the social worker. If he does not change his story he could end us up in jail. Oh boy!:) In the midst of getting ready for the home study we are supposed to be reading two very liberal books on adoption. They are a total of about 500 pages. So, needless to say I will be scarce this week on the blog scene. If I do not post before, I will let you know how it all goes this weekend. Thanks for your prayers.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learning the Hard Way

On a trip to his grandparents, Zachary discovered he liked prunes. Well, recently I decided to buy some for him. I had to make a call to the adoption agency the other day and told the children they could have a snack while I was on the phone. I told him he could have 2 prunes, anymore than that may make him sick. He ate HALF OF THE BAG! That night he was up most of the night with stomach cramps and running to the bathroom. The next morning the first thing out of his mouth was "I am never eating too much prunes again!" Why do these kids have to learn everything the hard way?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Preparing for the Sabbath Day

Is anyone feasting this Sabbath? We are not doing one at home. It is the Sunday for our fellowship meal at church. This month is soup and sandwiches. In the busyness of our lives it is so easy to forget why we feast. There are so many reasons, but I think the biggest reasons for us are to celebrate Christ and prepare our hearts to worship Him. There is nothing like a celebratory feast and fellowship with loved ones to put you in the mood to worship the one true God. When we have asked the children this question, we sometimes get,"Why wouldn't we celebrate God's day?" So, as you are preparing clothes and whatever this weekend for Sunday, remember whose day it is. Remember to prepare your heart to be full of love, adoration, and thankfulness as you worship Him this Sabbath.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Do You Get it All In?

As a home schooling mother, I sometimes feel guilty about not getting it all in. I do pretty good at our daily lessons. We are on schedule to finish on time, although the adoption may put us a little behind. My problem is all of the extras,the fun games or activities to supplement a lesson. I have recently come to a realization, though. We are not really missing out, we just have to change our thinking. We have to stop thinking that learning happens between set hours and that everything has to be "school." I realized this while watching the kids play Scrabble. They have been reading the dictionary to find new words. As much as I wish, it is not because they have some desire to expand their vocabulary. No, it stems from the fact that they are incredibly competitive. They want to sit down to play Scrabble, put a word on the board, have the other one protest, and then say, "it's in the dictionary!" You know what the great thing is? They had to remember to spell it! They did not play some "schoolish" game, but they did something fun to enrich their spelling. When we play Taboo we sometimes make the rule you have to use either antonyms or synonyms. When we play Monopoly the kids take turns being the banker. We do not help, but if they make a mistake they have to pay for it from their stash. Needless to say, they are very careful with their addition and subtraction. I am learning more and more that getting it all in looks a little different at home, but does not have to be any less fun.

On a different note... I have childcare worked out while we are gone for the adoption!!!! The best part is she is coming here. For those of you who have had conversations with me, you know how STRESSED I have been over this. I am so happy it is done. Thanks for praying. The next stress is the home visit next Friday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


If you know me, you know that I love to entertain. We do most of our entertaining in the warmer months. Our kitchen and dinning area are small, therefore it is more comfortable to do it outside. I have noticed though, it is becoming harder and harder for me to get it all done. You see I have this hang-up. I want everything to be homemade. My marinades, sauces, and everything else. Recently, I have realized it is much more important to be hospitable, than to put too much on my plate and become frustrated. I will soon be the mother of 5 children. The younger three being very close in age. I am feeling the need to change things so I can make sure the children get all of me that is needed. A few weeks ago Jack was cutting 4 molars at one time. He gets really sick when he does this. We had company coming for dinner. The old me would have passed him off to dad or big brother to make sure dinner was perfect. I decided he needed mommy to hold him most of the day so I ordered Family Style Spaghetti and Meatballs, salad, and bread to go from Macaroni Grill. I stopped and picked up a cheesecake from the grocery store. We had a lovely dinner and time of fellowship. No one seemed to mind that I did not cook the food. I am learning it is okay to take shortcuts sometimes. I heard Nancy Wilson say onetime that she hosts Sabbath dinner for her family every week. One great thing about her doing it, is that she no longer has little ones at home which makes it easier for her than it would be for her girls. She said when she is out of town the family still gets together, but has a more simple meal. I am trying to remember that as my plate is getting full.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Veritas Press Teacher Training

I have seen the "skeleton" schedule for Teacher Training. It is looking good. The plenary speaker will be Voddie Baucham. He is the author of Family Driven Faith. It is a great book. One I would call a must read. The dates for the conference are July 21-23. Hope to see you here!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Day

I do not have much to say today. We are not feasting tonight. We are going on a much needed date night. Those are so hard to remember to work in. We thought with the arrival of a new baby in about 6 weeks or so we had better get one in. We will feast for either lunch or dinner tomorrow. Last week we ended our Sabbath with a feast and it was nice. We may do that again tomorrow. I am attempting a new recipe. Actually, I am trying to recreate something we had at a restaurant. I will share the recipe if it turns out okay. Besides our date we are just getting the house ready for our home study. Every time I think it is ready the kids destroy it again. I did talk with the social worker yesterday and she told me exactly what she is looking for, so I feel a little better. Well, that's our day. What does yours look like?

P.S. My husband was reading my blog and lovingly informed me that I should recheck my grammar. I (also lovingly) asked him how often he tried to write in the midst of four children while homeschooling, cleaning, working as his "secretary" for the online school, and getting ready for an adoption. I just want you to know my children are learning better grammar and spelling than what you find here sometimes. My world is just too busy right now to do a lot of proofing.:)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Many people have suggested that I blog about our adoption experience to keep friends and family informed. I wanted to let you know why I am being so vague about things. First, this is a private adoption. This means we are not going through an agency. We happen to know the family. We have grown to love our birth mother and would appreciate you praying for her. We are trying to be sensitive to everyone involved and have decided not to post in a public forum all aspects of this situation. Second, as you all know Isaac was adopted. As he is getting older and more vocal about his adoption, we are realizing the importance of keeping the details of things special for him. It is his story to tell. Some of which he may not want to share. We have made the mistake of sharing information that only later was an embarrassment to him. We are trying to do better this time. Please do not interpret our vagueness to mean we are not excited. We are thrilled. Our home is buzzing with excitement. Time seems to be standing still as we wait for this baby. There is a lot that has to come together on the legal end. You can pray for me on that end. Some days my faith in God pulling it all together is stronger than others. Another thing that is very stressful for me right now is planning child care for four children when I do not know the exact dates of everything. We will need to be gone for approximately 2 weeks. We are having to make several plans, because one family can do it if it happens at this time, but not that time. Another family maybe that time, but not this time. We possibly have a situation worked out for a girl to come here and stay with them, but it may be difficult for her to get off work since we do not know the exact time. Anyway, that is probably more than you wanted or needed to know, but that is my stress for this week if you wanted something to pray about. Thank you all for your interest and excitement for us. We appreciate it so much and cannot wait to share our new son with you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Difference Between Boys and Girls

I have been trying to teach my boys to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough or whatever. One can just never remember no matter how many times I nag him. The other gets it. I was explaining to him this morning that it was great that he is covering his mouth but, if he wanted to keep his hand clean, he could sneeze into the bend of his arm. His response? "Oh, I don't mind it getting on my hands." Sarah's response? "Boys are soooo disgusting!!" I have to agree with her at times like this.:)

Shopping Spree

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a gift card to the local teacher store. I am dangerous in that place. I went yesterday and of course spent more than my card. I found the best thing. You may have already found it, but it was paper in the dry erase material. They have a website with different templates you can print onto the paper. I was looking for something like that to help him learn the states. He can practice and practice without wasting paper.I know I should just use a dry erase board, but I have no where to hang it and leaving it propped up has not worked well with Jack. We have not have the best homeschool set up this year, but that all changes when my husband comes home to teach full-time next year. He moves to the basement and I get his office as our schoolroom. Anyway, that was a great find for me. Also, the Math game 24. Isaac gets bored with the Saxon Fact sheets. I know they are very important, but I was trying to find an alternative to use just occasionally. Well, he beat me by 6 points this morning! So, I had a fun shopping trip yesterday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Am Being Blocked

Okay, was just installed a filter on the computer. It is blocking my blog. So there goes the inappropriate posting. Sorry!:)

40% Off Sale!

Abondante Living is having a 40% off liquidation sale. Just thought you may want to know.

I Am a Peanur Butter and Jelly Sandwich

You Are a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

You life your life in a free form, artistic style.
You are incredibly creative and at times, quite messy.
Deep down, you are a kid at heart. And you aren't afraid to express it.

Your best friend: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Club Sandwich

I am apparently a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. I am not sure if this exactly describes me, but maybe so.

(Hat Tip: Anne)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Low Fat Feasting

We are anxious to get back into the feasting habit after all of our Christmas traveling. We are also on a diet:). Diet rules do not typically apply for our Sabbath feast. I have already had my cheat day for this week, so I am planning a lovely but low fat meal. We will have my feasting stand-by, London Broil. I will caramelize onions and mushrooms to go on top and we will add low-fat Feta Cheese. The beef will have marinated in a marinade for at least 8 hours. We will have roasted asparagus and salad. I will make a fruit salad with different fruit than we typically have for dessert. Any other ideas for low fat feasting?

Monday, January 7, 2008

What a Day!!

Wow! What a day! We started back full speed today. It is 2:15 and we have about another hour or so of work. Not to bad. Especially when you consider our day. Over Christmas break Jackson has turned into a 1 almost 2 year boy. He is into everything. He knows he is into everything because he walks around with this very suspicious smile. About mid morning his fingers were accidentally slammed in the bathroom door. I am still questioning if they are broken. So you may ask how we school in the middle of all of this. Somehow it happens. One important step is to not give up. It may be easy to think the day is ruined, we will start over tomorrow. But, that could be said everyday in a home with small children. So I just keep going. I will have to find ways to contain him. A good friend recently told me that the obedience and order of her little ones determine the learning ability of her older ones. I know it sounds like common sense, but it is very easy to say, "I know" but never do anything about it. So that is my number 1 priority right now. (Besides all of the home study stuff. I just like to pretend that is not happening, or maybe my house is cleaner and more organized than I think and it will not take that much to prepare for them.)I will be trying to find more ways to entertain Jack while training him to be obedient. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are home after a little more than a week of visiting family. We had a great time, but are glad to be home. We will now jump into adoption mode. The baby is due to be born the end of Feb. We are in the middle of our home-study. That is somewhat stressful for me. If you think of it please pray me through the next few weeks.