Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can I be Any Prouder?

Veritas Academy has an awards ceremony on the last day of school. They recognize all of the students who have made A's the entire year. I knew Sarah had made good grades this year so I got all the boys dressed and we went to the ceremony. They started with the cum laude award and her name was not called. I thought okay it is not done yet. Next came the magna cum laude, and still nothing. I did not think she was getting summa, so I am sitting there thinking, "Great I did not need to come. We have a social worker visit this afternoon, the house is not ready!" Bruce was saying, "I can't believe they missed her.I am going to talk with someone about this." Then, they start with the summa cum laude and her name was called. We were so proud of her. She stood up there beaming. My favorite part comes after the ceremony, though. She comes running up to us, her dad picks her up and starts congratulating her on getting the highest academic honor, her response, "Guess what else happend today! I passed first grade!!" I informed her that is kinda a given with the summa award. I guess we need to work a little in the common sense department.

I was also very proud of Isaac today. Academics do not come as easy for him. We spend hours working on things that Sarah just gets. He could have been very jealous of her today. But, he was almost as excited as she was. He was so afraid we were going to be late and miss it. He helped get the boys dressed and had them waiting for me. He helped get them all in a seated. He sat on the edge of his seat waiting for her name to be called. He was a proud big brother.

At the end of the ceremony the headmaster starts to pay tribute to the teachers who are not coming back. My husband can get a little choked up sometimes,so I whispered for him not to cry. Isaac heard me. When Bruce went forward he received a standing ovation. Guess who was crying. Isaac says to me, "Mom, your being a hypocrite. Your the one crying." Again, I was so proud of my husband. His decision to leave the school has been difficult. He is very excited about our future plans, but it has been a difficult few days.


Anne said...

Congratulations to you all!

Momathon said...

I'd be crying, too. I can see why Bruce got a stnading O. He's a WONDERFUL teacher!!