Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Am On Fire

The first day of my 4th grade year I had to go to school with a swollen and itchy face. It was covered in poison ivy. I had forgotten about that until this week.I am having flashbacks and wondering what mean mother would send their child to school that way. Especially on the first day! She says she does not remember it being that bad. I say she was not the one suffering! Well, I am reliving it now. My husband brought poison ivy into the house. He was doing yard work and the poison oils got on his clothes. He proceeded to put them in the laundry. He has one little spot on his arm that went away within a few days. I, am evidently highly allergic. My entire torso is covered. I guess for an allergic person the laundry soap is not enough. So, after an urgent care visit (we are out of town), a steroid shot, 4 doses of Benedryl, and 2 prescription doses of steroids, I am STILL itching and it is spreading. I was told it has to work it's way out of my body. The doctor says I either have to wash everything in bleach or throw out any clothes that I have come in contact with since this happened. I am being quarantined in my own parent's house. They have given me towels and things to use and I am to make sure it does not cross their paths. Anyway, I am out of ideas. Any suggestions?

By the way, my very sympathetic husband wanted to know if this really warranted an urgent care bill. Couldn't I just wait until Monday and see if it goes away? Once again I say, "You are so not the one suffering!!!"


Sherrill said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Beth said...

Oh Julie that is horrible! I got a call this morning from a friend. Her hubby lost his job b/c of an injury. 2 of her kids are throwing up and her husband and she got bitten by fire ants and has reacted similar. I hate it for you and her! Bad days, Bad days, they are not here to stay!!!

Julie said...

Thank you ladies. I am still itching. Now they think I am allergic to the prednizone(sp?). I am breaking out in hives.