Thursday, August 28, 2008


I just wanted to give you all a quick update. The birth father has been notified of the hearing and is threatening to contest the adoption. We are trying to lean on the promise of our sovereign God, but I must admit I have to sometimes take one hour at a time. I let my thoughts and anxiety get the best of me. So, you can pray that anxiety does not take over here and that September 4 will bring an end to all of this. Thank you for all of the emails and phone calls. We are very thankful for the support of our Christian family.

The children are doing so well through this. Isaac is a constant source of hugs, Sarah is willing and ready to do any chore thrown her way, Zachary is so quick to say "yes ma'am and is doing such a good job at staying in his bed. Micah is smiling and jumping in his jumper thing and cutting teeth without any symptoms. Jack, on the other hand is reminding us that our children are really not angels. He is a constant source of surprise and laughter(which we really need).Thank you for remembering to pray for them as well.


Momathon said...

What a beautiful family. Hang in there, Julie. God is good...ALL the time.

Holly Jacobson said...

We are praying for you all here.

Julie said...

Thank you to both of you!