Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To Be Continued

Well, it was continued again. The birth father "did not have time to get an attorney." The judge did hear all of our testimony, the birth mother's and our social worker. He also called a couple of witnesses from the courthouse. I cried out of exhaustion and disappointment. We were all pretty ticked.(I am being nice.)How can you be the cause of all of this, but not have time to get representation? And on top of that, how can it be allowed? I know the judge is giving him his due process to make sure his decision cannot be overturned, but the whole system just stinks. WE have our ducks in a row, birth mother jeopardizes her new job and takes more than a week of after only working a week and a half to be here, and he gets a continuance. I really do not get it. But that is where we are. We do not have another date yet. I will keep you updated. By the way, the birth mother did a terrific job. We were so proud of her!


Beth said...

We have walked this road with close friends of ours.

Thank God that you are willing to go through all of this for the child.

Julie said...

It's funny how you don't even think about going through it for the child. We just do it because we love him. We have never given it a second thought. I guess that is why I know if this father really cared he would do what he is supposed to do and not treat it so carelessly. I just hope the judge sees through and realizes this is the kind of person we are dealing with.

Thank you Beth for thinking of us. I am sorry to vent in my comment to you. I am still working through it all I guess.