Monday, January 5, 2009

This Week's Menu

This is what will be appearing on our table this week. What about yours?


Barbecue Sandwiches
Cole Slaw


Chicken Tortilla Soup


Apricot Pork Chops
Green Beans
Baked Apples

Mexican Pie


Red Beans and Rice


Anne said...

My plan:

Monday - pizza night (Monday Madness at Papa John's - medium pizzas are $5.99 each)

Tuesday - Sante Fe chicken in the slow cooker with tortillas

Wednesday - vegetable beef soup It's soup weather here :-)

Thursday - grilled BBQ chicken

Friday - don't have to cook -- am going out with friends

Saturday - leftovers

Julie said...

Yeah, I know all about your soup weather!:) I think I would have soup everyday right now. I have been so cold and I can't shake it. My husband is not a huge soup fan, though. Once a week is about all he can handle.

leslie said...

monday -steak and mac & cheese
tuesday -chicken casserole from leftover mac & cheese
wednesday -chicken and steak fajitas
thursday -snacks and fondue during Gator game!
friday -homemade pizza made by 12 year old son (best crust ever)

Sherrill said...

What is Mexican pie? I forgot what the spelling curriculum was. Could you tell me again?

Julie said...

Sherrill, I am sorry it took so long to post your comment. My computer bit the dust.

The Mexican pie is kinda of like chili with cheese mixed in and then a layer of cornbread on top. Someone made it for us, but I will try to get the recipe.

Leslie, your menu looks great. I have not done fajitas for a while. They might make next weeks menu. This is why I like posting menus and seeing others. I always need ideas.