Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is Official

The adoption is finally official! Micah is legally our child now. We had the hearing this morning. I am so glad to put this year behind us. This journey has been difficult, but as with anything journey God sends you through, we have grown tremendously. I hope I have learned to be more sensitive to others and to know that people need grace when they are suffering. I have learned how important it is to be teachable during these times of your life. We are so thrilled to have Micah in our lives. He is truly a blessing. We are also thankful for the added benefit of the friendships which have grown from this. We could never do enough to thank the people who have helped us through this time. But here is a big THANKS to you all!

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Anne said...

Yeah!!! I can only imagine the huge sigh of relief in your home today. God is certainly good, and it will be wonderful to see Him work in Micah's life as he grows. I can't think of better parents for him than you two.