Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Week Down

Well, we did it! We finished our first week and actually completed all of the lessons. He is doing better with it. I do not think he will ever say he loves being home schooled, but he is finding some things cool about being at home. Any suggestions on what to do with a 1 year old while teaching? The 3 year old I can keep busy, but the 1 year old, another story!

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Anne said...

I can't help you with the 1-year-old question, but I can encourage you with Isaac. My son is 15, and he never has been (or will be!) one to say that he loves homeschooling, either. But if you asked him if he wanted to go to the public school down the street, he'd say NO! He recognizes some advantages of homeschooling, and just a few minutes ago as I was sitting here at the computer, he walked by, stopped and hugged me, and told me he loved me. Homeschooling has been good for our relationship. The days can be hard (chemistry equations are killing us both right now!), but all of that time (quality and otherwise!) pays off. We don't see it everyday, but there are little glimpses that convince us we're doing the right thing for our children. That keeps me going.

That was a long way of saying, keep going! It's good work! :-)