Thursday, September 13, 2007

So this is What it is All About

One of the concerns we had about our son was his desire to be with his friends. I am not saying we are opposed to friendships, but when a child only shows contempt for his siblings and is continually pleading to be with friends from school, there is a problem. One of our goals for this school year is to teach our son to love his siblings. So, I had some errands to run today that could not wait until after school. The teacher in me was anxious because we were missing out on school work. I was mentally reworking my plans to make up the work. As we were going about our errands I saw a transformation taking place in my eldest. He ASKED to carry his 1 year old brother as we walked through the store. It was very cute. The baby laid his head on his brother's shoulder the entire time. My son was a great help. So much so that it was not a burden to have the baby with us. When we were in the car Isaac made the comment that Jack is becoming attached to him. When I asked why he thought that was so, his reply was, "when I am at school all day he does not know me. Now he knows me and likes me and I am realizing that my little brothers can be fun sometimes." YES!! I know it is only a small part of one day, but it gives me enough hope to keep going. It is also encouraging to see he realizes what we are trying to achieve.


Anne said...

Priceless! I think God knows we need little gifts like that so we can keep going. I'm firmly convinced that homeschooling is in large part responsible for the close relationship my children have with each other.

Rejoicing with you!

Jeanne said...

Yep. That is exactly why we do this. Educating children takes on a whole new meaning when family relationships are part of the school day.
How wonderful for you all.

Sherrill said...

Thanks so much for sharing that experience. I am finding our kids are becoming closer too. I am sure it has to do with the move accross the country and not knowing hardly anyone, but I see that homeschooling is helping too. Would you mind if Andrew calls Isaac sometime? Tell Sarah and Isaac that I said hello.

Julie said...

So it is you! I thought you were Sherrill responding, but did not know for sure. Isaac would love to hear from Andrew. Are you enjoying California? Isaac has been into writing letters recently. He would love to write Andrew a letter. If that is okay than email me your address. It is good to hear from you.