Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reading. Writing , and Tarantulas

So we started our schooling yesterday. We had mixed reactions. He was excited at first. We went out to breakfast and then came home to start. After about and hour he was picked up by some friends to go and buy a pet tarantula!! According to them every child has to have a tarantula when they read Charlotte's Web. I am learning that it is okay to sleep in a house with a pet spider and a 3 year old who is determined to hold it. I was counting on my husband to help take care of this thing. But, looks as though he has the same feeling about spiders as me. The only good spider is a dead spider. Please tell me homeschooling will not require me to conquer every phobia I have.

Things continued well until the afternoon. While doing history he just started crying because he missed his friends. He was imagining for most of the day what they wee doing at certain times. That was hard. I know he will adjust, it just may be a hard road.

So, here's to another day!

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