Sunday, April 6, 2008

Highlight of the Weekend

I decided to put all five kids in the car and go visit the grandparents without my husband. We left him home to recover in silence. He appreciated it since he had a splitting headache and there is absolutely no way to keep this bunch quiet. It was a rough trip there and we were all glad to get out of the car. 5 1/2 hours was long enough. The kids had a blast with the cousins and I enjoyed being just far enough south to see the beginnings of spring. The highlight? The red light was on at the Krispy Kreme. Need I say more? (We do not have one here.)

As exciting as that was, my daughter made me very sad. She kept hearing this foreign word. She was determined it was not a word,and being her father's daughter, had to correct everyone. She kept saying. "Y'all is not a word." I informed her she was breaking my heart. She was born in VA and that is certainly a word that should be in her vocabulary.


Jeanne said...

Huh? Sounds like y'all have been having quite an adventurous week ;-) I'm praying for you to have a boring and sleep filled week soon!

Julie said...

"Boring and sleep filled week" It sounds like heaven. Seriously, I am adjusting and if Bruce can give me one night a week of uninterrupted sleep I usually can make it through okay.