Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mother of At least Three

I was in Home Depot today while my husband was home with the kids. I know this appears backwards, but it worked for today. So, he calls while I am trying to make up my mind on the purchase I needed to make. It sounded as if every child we have was screaming in the background. I think they actually all were except for one. Anyway, he says the 1 year old threw a rock at the 9 year old. There is blood all over the bathroom and he is not sure if he needs stitches. I am sure I am being pretty graphic in my conversation, because that is just how we are. When I hang up I look to the young, new mother standing beside me with her newborn baby. She asks is everything okay and wasn't I going to leave. I say no, he is fine and certainly will not bleed to death before I get home. The elderly lady with her says, "You must be a mother of at least three children." Guilty as charged.

By the way, Isaac is fine. I knew what this mother will quickly learn. Head injuries bleed a lot and almost always look worse than they are. Isaac has also had a life threatening head injury that included a trip in the Medivac. Since then we have become more skilled at determining what involves a trip to the hospital or not.


Jeanne said...

That is a great post.

Julie said...

Thanks. Just another day around here.I will share this as I am sure you will appreciate it. The next day, when he felt he was not getting enough sympathy (or any at all)from me, he says, "You do not understand. It was bad. I almost passed out from losing so much blood!" I could not help but just to laugh out loud in his face. I really tried not to.It just didn't work.

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