Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zach's First Day

Sometimes I blog things about my children that I just want to keep on record and remember. I realize you may not see these things as being funny or cute, but you will just have to bare with me. This is one of those times. Just stop reading if you want.

We were waiting a year to start Zach in Kindergarten. He has a November birthday and will not be 5 until then. Well, he started to teach himself his letters. We decided to start even if we had to spread it out over two years. Sarah and Isaac have been doing a few things for the past 2 weeks, but today was the official start of everything. Zach, was so excited. He kept knocking on the bathroom door this morning while I was in the shower. He wanted to know if he had to wait for me or could he just start. Well, after 2 papers he was tired. His 3rd and final color sheet of the day was too much. It was very messy. I told him he could do better. He wanted me to "grade"it. I do not grade any of their papers yet. We just do it until it is correct. I am not sure where he got this. Anyway, I wrote the word messy and put a sad face. I immediately felt guilty and thought he was tired and I should have stopped before that paper. Well, he started laughing. He said that was a really funny looking face and he likes it when I am silly with him at school. I do not think he gets it. He in no way, shape, or form realized that work was not acceptable. Wouldn't it be great to be that naive again?

Another Zach story: At the end of the day his father asked if he felt any smarter after his first day of Kindergarten. His reply, " Nah, it will be a while before she teaches me anything I don't already know."


Lisa said...

Zach and Bruce's exchange is all too familiar - They know it all don't they? And they start at such an early age (sigh). That was a funny statement but I feel for you. A couple that we are friends with (he is a lawyer and she was a physical therapist before kids) described a conversation with one of her girls (age 10 or 11) that went something like this: "Dad is so smart, he is such a good lawyer and you (slight pause) sure make good cookies" I am sure they will appreciate our knowledge and wisdom, one day.
Keep up the great work, your family is very enjoyable to others!!!

Beth said...

Oh that is too funny!