Saturday, November 17, 2007

5 Things I love About the Fall

One thing we have really enjoyed about Veritas Academy are the great feasts and celebrations in each grade. It has inspired me to be more creative in our homeschool celebrations. The first grade does and Indian Feast. Sarah was soooo excited. I love all of the fun Thanksgiving activities to do with the children. This coming week will be full of them.

The first fire of the season is always fun. This is the first place we have lived where we had a fireplace.

The foliage is absolutely beautiful!

I look forward every year to our trip to the pumpkin patch. My one and only rule for picking pumpkins: You have to be able to carry your own pumpkin.

I love the fall and spring here because the Amish are always out working in the fields. Everywhere you look they are harvesting their crops.

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