Friday, November 2, 2007

Potty Training, Again!!

You read the title and thought I was talking about one of my children, right? If I were only so lucky! When I went to the SPCA I said I would only consider a dog who was house broken. The paper said Rusty was. Well, they lied and I can't complain because I begged for the dog. Actually, he shows signs of being trained but I think being in the shelter threw him off. I heard dogs would not relieve themselves in the place they are living. That seemed to be true because he goes to Sarah's room to do his business. Since this is only a problem at night, I decided to put him in the bathroom. If he is locked in there I am thinking he will hold it until morning. Well,he barked and barked. Bruce decides to sleep upstairs with the children and leave the dog to me. I think okay, he will not relieve himself in the bed(I hope) so I will put him in the bed with me and not let him get out. So long story short, after a night of not sleeping to make sure he did not leave my bed, we got out of bed to the absence of a dog mess!! Woohoo!!


Jeanne said...

Sometimes the transition to a new place takes some adjusting. Surely Rusty will turn out to be a delightful blessing for you all!

Julie said...

Thanks, Jeanne. He is a great pet. He is very patient with the children and loves to be loved. We have also realized that he does not have accidents unless he is in the basement or the top level. That's progress!