Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Shopping

The outlets here opened at midnight last night. I debated most all day as to if I should go or not. I decided not to. I am not really a shopper and staying up all night did not appeal to me. I did, however, go out this morning. My first stop was Target. I told my husband I was not going to wait for a parking spot. If it was that busy, than I would just come home. Well, I found one right away! I had so much success at Target that I decide to go across the street to the outlets. Again, I am not a shopper so when I say go to the outlets I really am saying I will be going to one or two of my favorite stores. After my first stop there I had spent all of my Christmas budget for the week. Now I am trying to decide of it was really that big of a deal to go out today. I do not think so. I think you have to be one of the midnighters to really get the deals. But hey, at least I can say I crossed a few more names off of the shopping list. Which brings to mind a question. Are you a last minute shopper or are you all ready done?


Anne said...

I have barely started shopping, and what's holding me up is trying to figure out what to get certain people who have everything!

I had absolutely NO desire to hit the early sales today. I need to get some things to decorate my house with, but I don't want to deal with the crowds.

I REALLY wish we had a Target here!

Jeanne said...

I haven't done any shopping, yet. However, my most difficult gift has been chosen, and that is really big progress for me!

Julie said...

I am right with you two. I have done a little, but have not finished anyone. Long ago I was always done by Thanksgiving, but four children later, not so much. Now I am doing good to have it all wrapped and under the tree before Christmas Eve. The year Zachary was born it was all done and wrapped before Thanksgiving. I did not know what I could done with a newborn. It did not like though. It did not feel like Christmas.