Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am always astounded to see the amount of books that come across the desk of my friends at Veritas Press. Everyone wants them to preview a sample in hopes of putting it in the catalog. As you can imagine there are a good number of books that do not even get a second glance. If it looks good it gets a second glance. If it looks really good it gets a chance. We happen to be that chance a lot of times. It is very rare that I take any of it and completely change what I am doing. I usually just use them to supplement what I am already using. Well, I just received a few language books and I am very seriously thinking of replacing the spelling curriculum which we are using. I am loving it. I will let you know.


Sherrill said...

Oh! Do tell!

Julie said...

Sherrill, it is actually put out by Sylvan Learning. I am really liking it. I am torn on if can be used as a whole curriculum or just a supplement. After a few more weeks I will let you know what I think. Right now I am leaning towards curriculum.I just have to see if it starts spilling over into his everyday work.