Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

December has flown by and I can not believe it is Christmas Eve. Our children are beside themselves. This is the first year Jack gets it and he is sooo excited. We are looking forward to spending Christmas with Micah. Who, by the way, has taken every ornament off the bottom of the tree. If you are coming over just look at the top. He is just getting into toys that make noises. The other kids are all looking forward to him opening the presents they bought him. I started a few years ago taking the children who were old enough to understand shopping for their siblings. They have a $5 limit, but they love it. I realize not all is lost on their relationships when they seriously ponder over what each one would like. They then talk about it for days. "I can't wait for you to open my present to you!" I think that has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Well, I have not wrapped the first gift and I have to go the the grocery store and the pet store(Zach is getting an aquarium.). So, I need to get busy!!

I pray you are all able to celebrate our Savior's birth with loved ones and that your time together is joyful. May this new year bring wonderful blessings from God upon you and your families. Merry Christmas from the the Etter family!


Anne said...

Merry Christmas! Loved the Christmas card, and the PalmKids were thrilled to see a picture of Micah!

Julie said...

Thank you Anne. Tell the PalmKids I hope they can see him in person at some point in the next few months.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Merry Christmas! Julie

Your children have really grown. May you have a blessed day today with your family.

Lee,Jenny, and Max said...

What a beautiful family! It is so great to have a face to go with Micah's name and everyone has gotten so big! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. When the dust settles from Christmas, I would love to have a chat with you about boys:) and school.