Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It is too Hard to Feast

This weekend was a tough few days for us. It seems as though sadness was everywhere we looked. I will not go into to details, but after the third report of upsetting news within two hours on Saturday,I was ready to call it a day and start over. As you know I had planned a huge Reformation Feast for our Sabbath dinner. When we sat down to begin the festivities one of the children noted that it was "too hard to feast when everyone was so sad." My husband (he is wonderful in times like this) noted that this was true, but it is even more cause for celebration. In times of despair it is all the more reason to celebrate God's sovereignty and the fact that though emotionally it is all hard to swallow, He has a plan to pick up the pieces so we can go forward. I cannot imagine what life would be if I did not have that to lean on. So, we feasted and talked about the Reformation and Martin Luther. It wasn't the most festive we have ever been, but it was a great time to dwell on Christ and not our sadness.

My husband decided something was in order to cheer everyone up. I had been bugging him for a few weeks about getting a dog. Yesterday he told me to go to the SPCA to see what they had. We are now the owners of a Border Collie/Shetland Sheep Dog mix. He immediately took to the children and they are loving him. We can't decide on a name so they are calling him three different things. Sandy, Rusty, and Rover. I'll let you know what sticks.

Today is mine and Bruce's 14th wedding anniversary. We will celebrate with a meal tonight of some of his favorite things. We will have smoked brisket, corn pudding, roasted potatoes, and salad.

Rusty (AKA Sandy or Rover)

Beautiful flowers that my husband sent me for our anniversary.


Anne said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm sorry for your sadness. And so glad we serve a risen Savior! May you enjoy new mercies from God today.

Julie said...

Thank You, Anne.

Jeanne said...

Julie, so sorry about your sad news. We have been praying for those families here at our house. It is indeed great that we can rejoice in a risen Savior. What a blessing your husband has Christ's borrowed strength to lead you all through this. God is good.

Leanna said...

Good post.