Thursday, January 17, 2008


Many people have suggested that I blog about our adoption experience to keep friends and family informed. I wanted to let you know why I am being so vague about things. First, this is a private adoption. This means we are not going through an agency. We happen to know the family. We have grown to love our birth mother and would appreciate you praying for her. We are trying to be sensitive to everyone involved and have decided not to post in a public forum all aspects of this situation. Second, as you all know Isaac was adopted. As he is getting older and more vocal about his adoption, we are realizing the importance of keeping the details of things special for him. It is his story to tell. Some of which he may not want to share. We have made the mistake of sharing information that only later was an embarrassment to him. We are trying to do better this time. Please do not interpret our vagueness to mean we are not excited. We are thrilled. Our home is buzzing with excitement. Time seems to be standing still as we wait for this baby. There is a lot that has to come together on the legal end. You can pray for me on that end. Some days my faith in God pulling it all together is stronger than others. Another thing that is very stressful for me right now is planning child care for four children when I do not know the exact dates of everything. We will need to be gone for approximately 2 weeks. We are having to make several plans, because one family can do it if it happens at this time, but not that time. Another family maybe that time, but not this time. We possibly have a situation worked out for a girl to come here and stay with them, but it may be difficult for her to get off work since we do not know the exact time. Anyway, that is probably more than you wanted or needed to know, but that is my stress for this week if you wanted something to pray about. Thank you all for your interest and excitement for us. We appreciate it so much and cannot wait to share our new son with you.


Anne said...

You're going to have to change your blog's name soon! :-)

Praying for you daily here!

Julie said...

Thank you so much, Anne. We can hardly wait for the end of Feb./first of March to get here. Yes, I have been thinking of having to change the blog name. It was not very smart of me to have it as the blog address either.