Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Day

I do not have much to say today. We are not feasting tonight. We are going on a much needed date night. Those are so hard to remember to work in. We thought with the arrival of a new baby in about 6 weeks or so we had better get one in. We will feast for either lunch or dinner tomorrow. Last week we ended our Sabbath with a feast and it was nice. We may do that again tomorrow. I am attempting a new recipe. Actually, I am trying to recreate something we had at a restaurant. I will share the recipe if it turns out okay. Besides our date we are just getting the house ready for our home study. Every time I think it is ready the kids destroy it again. I did talk with the social worker yesterday and she told me exactly what she is looking for, so I feel a little better. Well, that's our day. What does yours look like?

P.S. My husband was reading my blog and lovingly informed me that I should recheck my grammar. I (also lovingly) asked him how often he tried to write in the midst of four children while homeschooling, cleaning, working as his "secretary" for the online school, and getting ready for an adoption. I just want you to know my children are learning better grammar and spelling than what you find here sometimes. My world is just too busy right now to do a lot of proofing.:)


Anne said...

Hope you had a great date night! That's so important to try to work in, especially when your children are small.

My family loved our Sabbath dinner, but I have a weird sinus thing going on, so nothing tasted good to me. :-(

When is your home study?

Julie said...

Anne, we just found out today the home study will be next Friday, Feb.1. We still have one more 3to 4 hour interview next Wednesday and then the home study. After that we should be done with everything on our end. It takes them about two weeks after that to write up the report.