Thursday, January 10, 2008

Low Fat Feasting

We are anxious to get back into the feasting habit after all of our Christmas traveling. We are also on a diet:). Diet rules do not typically apply for our Sabbath feast. I have already had my cheat day for this week, so I am planning a lovely but low fat meal. We will have my feasting stand-by, London Broil. I will caramelize onions and mushrooms to go on top and we will add low-fat Feta Cheese. The beef will have marinated in a marinade for at least 8 hours. We will have roasted asparagus and salad. I will make a fruit salad with different fruit than we typically have for dessert. Any other ideas for low fat feasting?


Anne said...

We're ready to get back to feasting, too, and I'm trying to stick to Weight Watchers Core plan even for our feasts. I think we're having lamb chops (seasoned with herbs and broiled), roasted red potatoes, and salad. I'm still thinking about dessert -- maybe some low-fat ice cream.

Julie said...

The Lamb Chops sound great. That is something I love, but have never cooked myself. I don't know why, just haven't. I will be trying it soon. I have now added roasted potatoes to our menu as well. When Bruce heard no carb or "real" dessert he had other ideas:).