Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Do You Get it All In?

As a home schooling mother, I sometimes feel guilty about not getting it all in. I do pretty good at our daily lessons. We are on schedule to finish on time, although the adoption may put us a little behind. My problem is all of the extras,the fun games or activities to supplement a lesson. I have recently come to a realization, though. We are not really missing out, we just have to change our thinking. We have to stop thinking that learning happens between set hours and that everything has to be "school." I realized this while watching the kids play Scrabble. They have been reading the dictionary to find new words. As much as I wish, it is not because they have some desire to expand their vocabulary. No, it stems from the fact that they are incredibly competitive. They want to sit down to play Scrabble, put a word on the board, have the other one protest, and then say, "it's in the dictionary!" You know what the great thing is? They had to remember to spell it! They did not play some "schoolish" game, but they did something fun to enrich their spelling. When we play Taboo we sometimes make the rule you have to use either antonyms or synonyms. When we play Monopoly the kids take turns being the banker. We do not help, but if they make a mistake they have to pay for it from their stash. Needless to say, they are very careful with their addition and subtraction. I am learning more and more that getting it all in looks a little different at home, but does not have to be any less fun.

On a different note... I have childcare worked out while we are gone for the adoption!!!! The best part is she is coming here. For those of you who have had conversations with me, you know how STRESSED I have been over this. I am so happy it is done. Thanks for praying. The next stress is the home visit next Friday.


Lisa said...

I am sure the home visit will go smoothly. The Etter hospitality is very genuine. Remember that whatever happens (all those unexpected things) is just what the Lord had planned. Isn't it great to believe in the soveriegnty of God.

Julie said...

Thank you, Lisa. You are kind. Just remember, you were here when Zachary was gone! I am just kidding. He is so much fun, but you never know what he is going to say. You are right. If I did not believe in a sovereign God I could never do this.