Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Alright, I know I am behind in the blogging world. I think it is a combination of busyness and lack of my creativity at coming up with blogging material. So, here are 7 quick takes of things that have been going on around here.

1. We have been crazy busy answering questions and giving guidance for the Veritas Press Online program and the new diploma program that was just announced this week.

2. I have been reading the book Of Different Minds. It is a book which explains teaching children with learning differences. It is from a Christian perspective and I am loving it. I have already used some of her suggestions at home and in my online classroom and am impressed with what I have seen.

3. Guess what concert we are going to tonight? Don't laugh! Willie Nelson. I said don't laugh!!(No offense to Willie Nelson fans. I am more of a U2 or maybe James Taylor kind of girl. So, going to a Willie Nelson concert has never entered my mind.) Bruce teaches Ruby Jane Smith in one of his Online Omnibus classes.He knew she was a musician, but did not realize she was the fiddle player for Willie Nelson. So, she is touring with him, and they play in Lancaster tonight. It will be fun to meet her. You should YouTube her. She is phenomenal.

4. Bruce and I booked tickets and are going on an adult vacation! We promised ourselves we would do Hawaii for real when all of the adoption mess was over. No, it is not all over and yes, he could still appeal but, we feel confident enough to celebrate. I guess if he does appeal, we still need time to unwind and REST. We can't wait to see our friends there!

5. Micah will be walking soon and his trying to talk. He definitely knows who Mama and Dada are and he waves and say bye-bye anytime anyone enters or leaves the room. He also claps every time he stands up or sees anyone laughing. He is almost like the first again. When the third and fourth hit milestones, who had time to acknowledge them? Micah has 4 siblings whose worlds stop every time he even looks or sounds like he is doing something. It is pretty funny to watch 4 children scream HE'S WAVING. HE'S WAVING! And then they all mimic whatever he is doing just encase he forgets.

6. Zach(5) shot a ball from "downtown" and made it in the hoop at last week's b-ball game. I was not there, but he says downtown means half-court.

7. I paid a lot of money this week to have my hair highlighted and does not look any different. She says if I come back within the week she will re-do it for free. I am going back.

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Anne said...

We saw Willie Nelson in concert here a few years ago, and we had so much fun! Enjoy!

Can't wait to see you!