Monday, February 16, 2009

Willie Ain't Half Bad

Alright, Willie puts on a good concert. We were pleasantly surprised at the fun time we had. He has really put together a group of high caliber musicians. Then there is Ruby Jane. Can I just say that girl is awesome!?! We went backstage and met her before the concert. She was your typical 14 year old girl so excited to meet her crazy online teacher. When we asked if she was nervous she acted like that was a word she had never heard of before. She seriously is having a lot of fun. After talking with her mom, we realized she picked up a violin at two and basically started playing and has not stopped since. At 10 she was the youngest person to ever be invited to play at the Grand Ole Opry. Anyway, it was blast to meet her and hear her play. She had several solos and the crowd went wild every time. On her first solo they introduced her as as 14 year old little girl. After she was done everyone around us was all "Wow! 14!" It was funny to hear my husband saying"Yeah, she's my student!" Lesson learned? Concerts with talented people are good even if it is not your style.
And no, we will not make you compete against her in the Vertas Press Online Academy Talent Show at the End of the Year Gathering.

Ruby Jane during a solo

Ruby Jane on stage with Willie Nelson

Bruce and Ruby Jane

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