Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grocery Fund

It is a really bad sign for the grocery budget when the 11 month old eats more than the 4 year old and 2 year old combined. In the past, we did not start seeing a change in the grocery bill until the kids were about 4. Well, Micah eats a full serving of everything we eat plus 2 snack times throughout the day. So, in an effort to make sure we can feed him, I am sending you here. The Etter family thanks you for any contribution to our grocery fund by signing up your children to take classes from Veritas Prss Online Academy.

Seriously, registration has began for current families and already by the second day we have more than half of this years number of registrants. Registration is open to the general public starting Monday. There are classes which will more than likely be full by then. So, if you need specific days and times, I would suggest registering pretty quickly.


Anne said...

Hey, we're doing our part! :-) I registered PalmGirl for 4 classes and PalmBoy for 1. Would have signed him up for 1 more but there's no way he's doing math at 3:30 in the morning our time.

Julie said...

Yeah, I'm thinking 3:30 would be kind of early. We will be sure not blame PalmBoy if Micah has to skip a snack or something.:)

Heather said...

That's so funny! Sam is the same way. He eats WAY more, close to twice as much, than Jon. We call him our scavenger, b/c he'll eat anything he can find ANYWHERE!! And Pete wonders why I keep going over budget on the groceries! :)
By the way, we're not signing up for online classes (yet) but we are going to go to a Classical Conversations open house for Jon this spring! Crazy--he's only 3...where did the time go?