Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finding Out Something New Everyday

Today Zach decided I needed to be filled in on how you dance to hip-hop. He is 5 so
I thought this would be rather interesting. He broke out in a full force break dancing routine. I commented on how he really is his father's son. Well, my husband took issue with that little slam and informed me that he was part of a break dancing club in high school. When I asked what friends were in this little club, he told me the football players. I do not know which is more out of character- the break dancing or his being in a club with the football players. Wow! I thought I knew him! I laughed until I hurt.


Anne said...

Do you think he'll show us some of his breakdance moves when y'all come in April? :-)

Julie said...

He says he is too close to 40. It hurts too much.:) Wait until you hear the name of this club and the name they had for him. It gets better.