Friday, February 27, 2009

Did You Hear It?

Did you hear that very loud sigh of relief coming from the Etter home? Yesterday has come and gone with no one appealing the judges decision on terminating the parental rights. We are in the home stretch now. Everything from here out is just a formality. We have a finalization date of April 16.

In other adoption news, we had a great time at Medieval Times last night. Isaac was so proud when it was announced that the Etter family was celebrating the adoption of Isaac. The boys did not know what to do with themselves. Micah sat mesmerized by it all. Zach was a little afraid in the beginning but soon warmed up and was cheering our knight along and booing very loudly at our enemy. Jack was hilarious. Every time someone was "stabbed" or "whipped", he would scream with laughter and say,"That is funny!"


fosterheartsathome said...

I had no clue you were a fellow adotive momma! We have fostered for five years and adopted two precious girls. After finanlizing the second adoption, we took a year off. Right now we are fostering a medically fragile boy(17 months) and are so blessed to have him in our home...although he is in the hospital at the moment! Blessings on your adoptions and feel free to chat if you need an ear!

Julie said...

Yes, I am an adoptive mom. WE will pray for your boy. That must be very difficult.