Sunday, October 14, 2007

Come On Already!!

I know it gets earlier every year and people fuss about this all the time. But!! Christmas lights already?? I was in Target today looking for Halloween stuff (I know, we are bad parents for letting the kids do this:). Guess what was replacing the empty aisles. Christmas Lights!! I cannot think about more than one holiday at a time. I am a person the relishes in the quaintness of things. I think, in typical American fashion, we are rushing through our holidays so quickly they are losing there quaintness. We are so worried about getting at all over and done that we forget to enjoy the preparation and togetherness of it all. I am just now getting my fall center pieces out and now I have to think about Christmas!! Okay, rant over


Anne said...

This annoys me, too! Halloween candy was out in August here, and Christmas stuff was out in September.

Jeanne said...

Couldn't agree more. Though I am envious that you have a Target to frequent ;-)