Thursday, October 25, 2007

What Kind of Teacher are You?

We participate in an 8 week co-op. There is a prayer and share time for the mothers. This week's devotional was on the fact that even outside of our "school" time we are still teachers. God has put every mother, homeschooler or not, in this role. God has ordained it this way, I have no choice in the matter. Like it or not, I am a teacher to my children. I have two choices. I can put my best into it and seek His guidance and wisdom or I can float through life hoping I get it right. Therefore, I am either a good teacher or a bad teacher. There is no option to not be a teacher to my children. It is like the role of headship that our husbands have. God ordained them to be heads of their homes. They cannot hide from that. They are either a good leader or a bad leader, but still a leader. So, what kind of teacher are you? Good or bad?


Anne said...

That's a good question! It's also like our theology. We're ALL theologians, but we can be good theologians or bad ones.

Thanks for sharing this.

Julie said...

Good point, Anne.

Jeanne said...

You know, Anne, you didn't answer the question ;-)

I think I am both a good teacher and a bad one. Sometimes I am really "on it"--prepared, rested, excited. Other days...notsomuch. One thing I have learend from those bad teacher days, though is to keep going. I have to be willing to evaluate myself honestly, and that is sometimes not very fun.

Anne said...

No, I didn't answer it because it depends on the day!