Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Working!

I told you one of the reasons we were homeschooling was to help Isaac love his siblings. In his mind there was too much outside our home to distract him and all of that stuff was way more fun anyway. The reason this was so concerning to us was because he had always been known as the "great big brother". He was always so proud of his siblings and loved helping to take care of them. Well, we are starting to see the old Isaac return.He is such a happy person lately. He is loving and kind with siblings. Yesterday we had a conversation which went like this,

Isaac: "It is hard being the oldest."
Me: "Why is that?"
Isaac: "I have to be careful because the little ones copy everything I do."
Me: " Isaac, what you say is true, but we are all sinners. Do not put pressure on yourself to be perfect."
Isaac: "I know, but I hate seeing them be disciplined when they have just copied me."

Major break through here.Don't get me wrong. Isaac is a great kid. He is begging now for another sibling. He has just been going through the transition of little kid to big kid.

Do not be fooled. Our home is not so Pollyanna. Very soon after this conversation he made a comment a little like this. "I hate it when people try to act cool. I don't act cool, I just naturally am." Oh, brother!!

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