Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Day of Advent

Today begins our first day of Advent. The note in the children's box will instruct them to decorate the Christmas tree. I stayed up last night getting the lights on so they could go at it. Tonight will also be the first Sabbath Advent for our home. We will light the first candle at our Sabbath dinner and let it burn through our Sabbath festivities. My husband will explain the wreath and candles to the children. He will then read the scripture for this week. There are several websites which give good information about the Advent season. I liked this one because it was simple. With my little ones I needed something quick. They tend to get very antsy with long devotions at the dinner table.

I pray you all have a joyous Advent season. That your hearts and minds will focus on Christ's love for us.

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