Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stop, Rewind, Start Over

It is 8:54 Saturday morning. Can I go back to bed? Jack is cutting 4 teeth. Yes, I said 4. Therefore, NOTHING makes him happy. Bruce, Isaac, and I are passing him around. I fixed oatmeal for breakfast. I thought I was putting cinnamon in. When Bruce started to eat, he says, "this smells like tacos." I looked at my seasonings and I was looking at ground cumin. That pot was dumped and another one started. Now I am off to the grocery store. I meant to go yesterday, but took the older three to the movies instead.( That was really fun and time well spent. It was Zach's first time. It is always fun to see their awe at the theater.) We have a storm coming in tonight so the grocery store and Costco will be CRAZY. Not to mention it is Saturday two weeks before Christmas. So, here I go determined to turn my day around despite the circumstances.


Anne said...

I hear ya! I have to go to the commissary today and it's payday. It'll be crazy, and I have a huge list. But then I get to come home and cook and bake -- ALONE! :-)

Julie said...

I'm home! It was crazy. My three older children begged to go. It was a huge sacrifice, but I allowed them to. They could not handle it. I had three stops to make. At the first stop Sarah wanted to go home. She says she is sick. I dropped her off on the way to the next stop. At Costco Isaac decides it is too much for him. So I dropped him off on the way the the grocery store. On the way there Zach decides he can't take it anymore, but I was not going home again so he had to stay. He did fine and it was nice to spend a little time with just him.

florin.bulhac said...