Monday, December 17, 2007

Let's Talk Christmas Baking

I am not a baker. I plan and get excited about holiday dinners weeks ahead, but not the baking. I do not enjoy the mess and I imagine one day it will be fun with the help of the children, but not so much now. They REALLY want to help and it is honestly just tiring for me. But, I am a traditionalist and can not let Christmas slip by without doing it and the kids do enjoy it, so we will spend the week doing something different everyday. I polled everyone to determine favorites. Sarah has a choir concert tonight and we need to take cookies. Today we will make them. When I polled everyone I was very surprised to find they all (husband included) only wanted just plain old chocolate chip cookies. All of these years I have been making a variety of cookies and they just want chocolate chip. Well, that is easy enough. We are doing salsa for the neighbors this year. Several are elderly and diabetic. Here is the list of what we will cook/bake this week:

Chex Mix
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sprinkles

What is on your list?


Anne said...

I love chocolate chip cookies, too. To make them a little more special for the holidays, sometimes I dip half of the cookie in melted chocolate (white or semisweet).

I'm making more Oreo truffles this week, but other than that I haven't decided. I want to make shortbread because it's my favorite, so I might do that this week. Shortbread, tea, and a good book are three of my favorite things! :-)

Have a fun week with your children!

Julie said...

My plate of chocolate chip cookies with sprinkle were gone in a flash last night. So I guess there are others who like plain and simple as well.

Anne, the Oreo truffles sound good. I have never had them.

King Leo said...

Girl, I used to do the christmas cooking for mother about 15 years ago. Nowadays, it is just as easy to buy a log of sugar cookie mix, add some nuts and fruit, bake it and call it my own. Despite my aversion to convenience, the enemy, I just don't have the patience to cut those damn shapes, much less decorate.

PS: Got a great recipe for Tequila Cookies. You take a sip after every step. Woohoo!