Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pen Pals

One of the best things we have done for Isaac's schooling this year was start a pen pal relationship with an older homeschooled student. I have to admit it was not our idea. My husband has taught this student online and Isaac really thought he was "cool" when he met him. I am sure mom had a little to do with it, but Luke asked Isaac to be his pen pal. The first letter Isaac wrote was painful for me. I had to resist every temptation to sneak the letter and rewrite it. I did not and I am so glad. It has been encouraging to watch him improve, on his own, in his letter writing skills. I did not want to take something fun and turn it into a struggle. So, this brings me to a story about today's letter writing. He wanted to ask Luke how Omnibus II was going. It was not enough to just say Omnibus II, he wanted to list specific books. He said a title and I told him I thought that was Omnibus III, but he could write it and then have Dad check it when he got home. He then proceeds to explain the genre of books in each Omnibus level and the reasons why certain books are read certain years. Guess what!?! He was 100% correct! You gotta love a classical education.

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