Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Really Do Know How to Do This

Bruce and I have never been parents that wear our babies. WE have nothing against it. I have a really bad back and just can't do it. Besides there are enough people around here that the babies are held practically all the time anyway. I have to pry them away sometimes. Well, we will have a 16 to 20 hour flight home from Hawaii,depending on the lay-over. We decided to get a sling and take turns wearing him instead of paying for a ticket when we would probably hold him a lot of the time anyway. So, I went to buy one and came home to demonstrate how it would work. Bruce was concerned. He kept asking would the baby be safe. Finally, he said something like he didn't now if it was safe to put a baby in a bag to be carried around. He thought, to save money, I had bought a bag to put him in and he would just lie there with his head hanging out. Wouldn't you think after 15 years of marriage and 4(now 5)children he would know I am aware of how to take care of the children? Every time I think about this it gets funnier. Alright, maybe it is not that funny. We are just at the giddy stage now. We either laugh or bug one another to death with everything there is to do.

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Jeanne said...

I am giggling out loud here. I read that story aloud to our girl and she and I had a good chuckle :-)