Friday, February 15, 2008

So Much to Do

Just a quick update on how things are going here. I am in panic mode. I have never left they kids for more than two days for a funeral. They have gone to there grandparents for a week of so or Bruce and I have gone away for a weekend, but they stayed at other homes. I am leaving for possibly 3 1/2 weeks. Getting the house ready for someone else to live here is overwhelming me. Every few minutes I seem to think of something else that needs to be done. The frustrating thing is Bruce will probably be here for a week or a little more until he joins me. At that point the girls will move in to take care of the kids. Do I really think he and the kids will keep things neat and organized so I look like the great house keeper when the girls come? No, I do not, but I have to at least pretend I do. I can then honestly tell the girls it was clean and organized when I left.


Anonymous said...


Your post made me remember a funny story. I am VERY CERTAIN your house will never be THIS bad!

I know a man whose wife went away to speak at a women's retreat and left him at home with their 2 teenage boys for a week. She arrived home on a weekday morning while he was at work and the boys were in school. He was in a meeting and received an urgent message from his secretary to hurry home, the police were there...someone apparently had broken in and the house was ransacked.

He arrived to a drive full of police cars, and his wife in tears. Since they always left the back door unlocked there was no forced entry, but they were requested to go through the house and make note of what was missing for the police report.

He walked in the front door and looked around somewhat puzzled! He continued on through a couple of rooms and said, "No body has broken in...This looks just like the boys and I left it this morning!!!"

Okay... I wasn't meaning to panic you...just to make you smile! We are praying for you and for all involved over the next several weeks. Perhaps you could have the girls over for a 45 minute "orientation" to your house just before you leave...with the secondary purpose of relieving your mind that they have seen your house "in order". That way, if it doesn't quite look that way when they actually arrive, they won't think horrible thoughts about you...Even if they do, they will repent when they too are mother's!!!

With Love and Prayers,


Julie said...

That is really funny. Hopefully it will not be that bad. The girls are actually coming from 4 hours away. They are the oldest of 9, 6 of which are boys. So, I am hoping they understand. I talked with their mom today and she assures me they will have no problem with my house.