Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank You!

It's getting so close. I fly out to Hawaii two weeks from today. That is if she does not go into labor before. Before things get so crazy I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the generosity of others. Where do I start? First, I guess I will go with the finances. When we were first approached about this we almost took our names out of the hat. We can afford another child, but do not have the thousands of dollars sitting around to adopt a child. We received wise counsel to not let that be a deciding factor. God would provide if this were to be our child. People have been beyond generous with donations. Almost the entire amount has been donated. People who do not even know us have offered their buddy passes to fly. One family called a few nights ago to say they wanted to pay for our tickets. This is after donating a substantial amount to our fund. Thank you! Anne, who I really only know through blogging, has offered her home. She is also busy getting baby equipment together for me to use there. Thank you! Sherrill has offered me a place to stay in case of lay over on the West coast. Thank you! So many of you have offered your prayer support. I can feel it. This has not been an easy road. Anyone who says adopting is the easy way out (Yes, people do tell me that!) is wrong. I have done it both ways. It is difficult. I could not have done this,kept things going at home, home schooled on a consistent basis, and helped my husband start an online school without all of the prayer support. Thank You! Jeanne, we would not be here without you and your family. If anyone ever questions God's sovereignty than just send them to us. Right!?! You and Scott will never know how thankful we are for you. You are doing a great thing in ministering to Sam and seeing her through this. Thank You!! We will be forever indebted to our birth mother. This has been a long tough road for her. She has made some heart wrenching, yet very mature decisions. We are so proud of her. We love you, Sam. I can't wait to see you. Once again thank you all for getting us to this point. I am not sure how often I will be blogging between now and then. I will try to give you updates.

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Jeanne said...

"If anyone ever questions God's sovereignty than just send them to us. Right!?! "
Absolutely right! This is every inch a love story of how much God loves and provides for each of His children. It is a privilege to be a part of it.
We are anxious for your arrival :-)