Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Traditions

We have not had very many Easter traditions. Someone has been sick for the last three Easters. Growing up in Virginia, I am used to Easter being the kick off to Spring. We have not found that to be true here. The idea of spring clothes and outside Easter Egg hunts in 40 degree weather does not sound like too much fun. Nancy Wilson has a great post on why I should change my attitude. We do have some traditions. We always dye eggs the night before. We will do that tonight. I am trying to erase images from last year so I can be excited. Every cup of dye was spilled at some point. For weeks every time I mopped the floor I found a new pastel color to remove. I usually do fix a good Southern style feast, but since we have had sickness for the last few years it has gone virtually untouched and we eat on for the next week. Friends invited us to be with them tomorrow for brunch.We did not know if we would be back from our trip in time to plan a big feast. So, we will be joining them. Their kids are grown and it is always fun to see the fruit of raising a family and the blessings that abound when they all come together. I do always buy new outfits for the children. Although it always seems silly to dress them up and then bundle them up in their winter coats. But, we do it anyway. That's what we do. What about you?


Wendy said...

Julie, I have not been on your blog in ages but so appreciated this Nancy Wilson link. When the kids were very little, one of my favorite things to do for Easter was to buy caterpillars and try to time their metamorphosis with Easter (with varying degrees of success). We would talk about how Jesus' resurrection was like the caterpillar... and that we will have the same kind of a resurrection with glorious bodies. We don't do the caterpillars now but every year we still put out a butterfly poster they made when they were little and all the butterfly cutouts that made over the years with the Bible verses they had memorized. And I do still surprise them with baskets overflowing with their favorite kind of candy (York peppermint patties for John, Nestle Crunch for Leah).

Julie said...

I love the butterfly idea. Every year I say I am going to do this sometime in the spring, but never do. This may be the year.

I hope we get to see you in May.

Wendy said...

You will see us in May, praise God. I pray this trip becomes a spring tradition.