Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Are Still in Hawaii

I am sorry I have not been very quick to give updates on Micah. Every time I think I have time to write a post it is time to feed, change,or coax him back to sleep. We are enjoying our time in Hawaii. It has been wonderful to have time with him and the birth mother. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of those who have seen him and his mother through all of this. It has been great to meet and spend time with new friends. Words will never express the gratitude we have for everyone here. Though it has been an extremely emotional time, things could not have gone any better. I do not believe the word miraculous is an understatement. If you had told me months ago, or even weeks ago, that we would have the relationship with the birth mother that we have now, I would have said you were crazy. She is a beautiful person and we are so thrilled to have spent this time with her. All of this said, I am ready to go home. I will miss our birth mother, but for everyone to move on, we need to leave. We cannot terminate the birth father rights until we are home. WE are all anxious to get that over with. My children at home are needing their mommy. It has been almost three weeks. We are thinking we will be able to leave this weekend. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement. God has been so evident in all of this. Just keep reminding me of that, as I am anxious about the birth father. Thanks again and I will post a picture once we are home.

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