Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Time in Hawaii

I have been asked about my time in Hawaii so I thought I would tell you a little about it. First, it is so amazing to me that we can live in the same country, but really be in two different worlds. The mere fact that I stepped on the plane to rain and 30 degree weather and stepped off to clear skies (I think, it was dark.) and 80 degrees was enough to rejoice over. The very next day was the day the baby was to be born, so I did not see anything but the hospital for a few days. I wish I had a picture of the view from the hospital, it was amazing. I was told I was given a real treat. It never rained while I was there and the skies were so clear you could see the peeks of the mountains. This is evidently rare. On my 4th day there I took a break from the hospital and some friends took me to take in a few sights. We drove to the beaches where a lot of surfing competitions take place. This East coast girl had never seen those kind of waves or "real" surfers before. It was great. It really was breath taking at times. I have always wondered what it would be like to live at the beach. I have decided I could really get used to it. The thing I would have to get over the most, would be the lizards and geckos. IT was strange to see them roaming about all over the place. I was laughed at more than once because of my squeamishness towards them. Okay, maybe laughed with. I thought it was pretty funny too. I really did okay with them until Bruce says one night, "So, what do you do with a gecko that is crawling along the wall inside the house?" I wanted him to take care of it, he just laughed,and I pretty soon became used to living with them. I had a great time. We met what we hope to be life-long friends (Thanks again for everything you all did for us.), developed a wonderful relationship with the birth mother of our child, and saw what had to be some of the most beautiful sights in out country if not world. If I did not have four children at home waiting for me, I could have easily been one of those people who say, "I came to Hawaii on vacation, and just never left."


Anonymous said...


From someone who spent part of my childhood and teen years living in the Pacific (including HI), believe me, when you know the bugs the geckos eat (GIANT cockroaches) and that they keep out of your house, they become very welcome guests in your home!!
You actually grow fond of them!


Julie said...

Yep, saw those too. They were always dead when I saw them, so they did not freak me out too much.