Monday, March 17, 2008

Here We Go

We were all ready to hunker down and not leave the house until flu season is over. People are dropping like flies around here. We had prepared everyone that for the sake of the baby we would not be bringing him out until the coast was clear. Well, too little, too late. Isaac woke up this morning with a fever and all of the symptoms. We have too many children for it not to go through at least one or two more,if not all of them. Micah is sequestered to my bedroom or Bruce's office. Isaac has the basement. There is a television down there and I am taking food and other treats down quite often. Isaac was disappointed, but I explained how dangerous it would be for Micah if he caught it. Isaac, the forever martyr, responded in a very pathetic voice, "Well, I guess I am old enough to learn how to take care of myself when I am sick. It is okay to leave me all alone while I feel so bad. Even if I am having migraine headaches." He does not know what a migraine is, and I am sure he is not having one. So, I have lost my help on the first day of taking care of 5 children without Bruce. Hopefully he will be better soon.

Oh, as soon as things calm down I will post a good picture of Micah.

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Anne said...

Oh, dear! We'll be praying that the flu will stop with Isaac.