Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're Home

Well, we made it home. It is so nice to be home after almost 3 weeks away. Micah was a great traveler. When we first got on the plane he was crying and the people around us had that look in their faces, but as soon as we had a bottle ready he was fine. He either slept or ate the entire time. We were so anxious to see the kids here. Everyone wants to know their reactions to Micah. Issac is so proud and doing whatever he can to help out. He even asked to change a diaper. Sarah just wants to hold him and stare at him and gets upset if anyone else holds him. Zachary wants to hold him, but has decided he only needs to give him one kiss a day. He has already had one from Zach, so no more until tomorrow.He keeps saying, "Micah is the cutest baby I ever saw." It took Jack a while to realize things were different. Now he is trying out all of the baby equipment and wants his picture taken in everything.His favorite is the pacifier. Keep in mind he never took one. He is a finger sucker. His only interaction with Micah has been to stand over him in awe when he cries. He jsust looks at him as if he is amazed that such a little guy can make that kind of noise. He could also be trying to figure out how to get the entire household to run to him just by making a little noise. He also apparently forgot me while I was gone. When he saw me he got this really strange look and it took him a while to remember me. Oh well.

On another note. I am freezing. 3 weeks on a tropical island can really spoil a girl. We can bundle Micah up, and he has done fine. I, on the other hand, can not get warm. I am sure it will come, but in the mean time our heat bill will be record breaking.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!

We were praying for you all. Happy first Easter with your newest little guy!

Holly and family

Julie said...

Thanks, Holly. We are happy to be home.